Getting started

You will be confronted with a lot of different technologies as part of your exploration of this toolkit. This is a normal part of programming nowadays. The best way to go about this without going mad as a beginner is to acquire the minimal knowledge absolutely necessary to get going with every technology and slowly broaden that knowledge over time when it is necessary. You will have to read a lot of documentation from a lot of different sources. I won't reiterate everything here that is documented elsewhere, I will point you in the right directions though.

Software you need

Accomplishments necessary to start with PET

Stuff you will learn about when exploring PET

Source control and collaboration

  • Git for Version Control
  • Github for collaboration (and accessing these materials)

Configuration file formats

Text markup formats

  • Markdown (extension .md) for writing formatted text that renders nicely e.g. on Github and can be converted into a lot of different formats.
  • reStructuredText (just maybe)