Getting started


Please replace </path/to/your/clone> with the actual path of your mau-mau repository clone on your computer.

To work on the code:

  • Fork the repository
  • Clone the repository to <path/to/your/clone> (wherever that is).

... and install the code as editable in a virtualenv:

$ <activate your virtualenv>
$ cd <path/to/your/clone>
$ pip install -e '.[all]'

The output looks like:

Obtaining file:///</path/to/your/clone>
Installing collected packages: mau-mau
  Running setup.py develop for mau-mau
Successfully installed mau-mau

Make sure it is installed as editable:

$ pip freeze

The output looks like (most packages removed from list):

-e git+git@github.com:obestwalter/mau-mau.git@e4031a17a5e08551317a321d7e74f9ca3b33e0b1#egg=mau_mau

The line starting with the -e indicates that mau-mau is installed as editable from github.

Using vagrant

The project comes with a configured Arch Linux box that can run mau-mau without you having to change anything on your computer (given you have vagrant and VirtualBox already installed.

$ cd <path/to/your/clone>

You need to be in your project folder to work with vagrant.

$ vagrant up

then enter the box ...

$ vagrant ssh

And do whatever you need to do for development and testing


$ pip install -e .
$ mau-mau play


$ tox