Public Speaking

Talks 🔗

When What Where Title Materials
2022 talk WeAreDevelopers Python day (remote) Automagic Configuration in Python code, tests, video
2021 screencast PUG Leipzig Meet Mob - Programmieren in der Gruppe  
2020 webinar Jetbrains TV (remote) Simplify Your Tests with Fixtures code, slides, video
2020 screencast PUG Bangalore (remote) An IDE is not a Point And Click Adventure (was: Taming the Complexity of PyCharm From The Keyboard) video
2020 talk (de) PythonCamp (remote) Eine kleine Tour durch “mein” PyCharm
2020 talk (de) PythonCamp (remote) Wie schieß ich mir mit Python am Geschicktesten selber in den Fuß?
2020 lightning talk (de) PythonCamp (remote) Automagic Configuration code
2020 talk PUG Munich (remote) How to shoot yourself in the foot with Python video
2019 talk Pycon.de & OctopusCon Abridged metaprogramming classics - this episode: pytest code, video
2018 talk PUG Munich Automating Build, Test and Release Workflows with tox
2018 webinar JetBrains Automating Build, Test and Release Workflows with tox notes, video
2018 podcast Test & Code tox audio
2018 lightning talk EuroPython tox quo vadis? code, video
2017 talk Bloomberg Introduction to pytest & tox
2017 lightning talk EuroPython If you want to do FOSS, do FOSS (and your employer should support you) video
2017 talk (de) PythonCamp Wie wird aus ein paar Python Dateien ein richtiges Projekt? info
2016 talk pytest Sprint pytest exit strategy slides
2015 talk (de) Zeppelin University Ich mag PyCharm slides
2014 lightning talk (de) PythonCamp Keyboardfreundlicher Tiling Window Manager: i3wm my config
2013 talk (de) Pycon.de Pythons Datenmodell - Ein Überblick video
2013 talk (de) Pycon.de Wo ist meine Pfadklasse? video

speaking at OctopusCon

(Speaking in the Metalist Oblast Sports Complex (but not in front of 40.000 people :D))

If you would like me to speak at your event, do not hesitate even for a picosecond and get in touch.

Organization / moderation 🔗

Between 2017 and 2019 I ran several pytest/tox sprints and help desks at EuroPython.

Moderated some discussions and panels at PythonCamps (German):