Helping others (and myself) to learn 🔗


(Teaching Python to the CodeCats at Zeppelin University)

Since 2017, I occasionally visit other organisations to give workshops. I focus on teaching the fundamentals of Python (not to be confused with “basics”) and testing / test automation with pytest, tox and other FOSS projects (e.g. professional testing with pytest). I enjoy teaching and always feel that I learn just as much as my students during these intense trainings.

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to visit interesting organisations like Advantest, the European Institute For Energy Research (EIFER), Bosch, BMW Car IT, and Bloomberg.

My main occupation is with Avira, so I am not a full time trainer. This has advantages and disadvantages. I like to think that what I lack in routine and teaching experience I make up with my enthusiasm and real world experience working as a Python developer. I usually adjust the course to the needs of the group and have a growing body of materials to base on.

If you would like to inquire about a customized training, do not hesitate even for a picosecond and get in touch.